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Ngapali Beach or Mergui Archipelago?

People have known Burma as the land of the temples for thousands of magnificent Buddhist constructions dotted all over the country. But you don’t...

The Great Journey to the Hill of Shan State

Thomas Heaton spent 6 days exploring 750km of Myanmar by scooter. Here is his fascinating experience about the journey to Shan state. People in...
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Shwesandaw Pagoda – Bell Shaped Buddhist temple in Bagan

Shwesandaw Pagoda, an architectural masterpiece, is a Buddhist pagoda in Bagan, Burma. It is considered as a graceful white pyramid-style place...
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Myazedi Pagoda – Where The Myazedi Stone Inscription Was Found

Myazedi pagoda, the large 12th century gilded stupa, is located in Myinkaba village, between Myinkaba and Bagan. Myazedi means “jade pagoda” in...
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Mingalazedi Pagoda – The Last Temple for The End of Bagan Empire

Mingalazedi Pagoda, also called as Mingalar Zedi Pagoda, is a Buddhist bell-shaped situated in Bagan, Burma. It was built in 1274 and is...
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Visiting Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda – Temple of The Enormous Buddha Statue

Located on Tamwe Township, Shwegondine Road, Yangon, the Kyaukhtatgyi pagoda, also called as Chauk Htat Gyi pagoda, is known for the impressive...
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Shwedagon Pagoda – The Crown of Burma

Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as the Golden Pagoda, is a 99 meter high gold plated pagoda with the diamond studded spire set on top of Singuttara...
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Sule Pagoda – The Ancient Pagoda in The Center of Yangon

The Sule Pagoda, an over 2500-year-old Mon style octagonal golden pagoda, is situated in the center of Yangon, at the junction of Sule Pagoda...

Top 6 The Best Places for Trekking in Myanmar

Myanmar is known as an ideal destination for adventure travel, trekking and hiking with various landscapes and interesting ethnic encounters....


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