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Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar (or Burma) is one of highlighted countries in Asia and now, it becomes a new travel destination for many travelers from all over the world who want to look for the ancientness, the authenticity with not-much influence of modernization. Before planning a journey to this country, why not take few minutes reading our recommended Myanmar travel guide here to learn more about it? Then, if interested, you can get some ideas about your favourite destinations and tell us to help you customize perfect Myanmar tour packages including those destinations, why not?

Myanmar Travel Guide

Top 9 Best Places to Buy Lacquerware in Bagan

Bagan is known as an ideal destination for shopping a wide selection of arts, crafts and souvenirs with reasonable prices, especially, beautiful and distinctive lacquerware. The local people here use lacquerware as everyday objects. In Bagan, there are many places to buy...

Top 11 Must-Buy Things in Myanmar

Myanmar is an ideal destination that owns rich traditional and culturally cultivated things. Myanmar is really a right and pleasant place for the travelers to experience many unique and valued items. Coming to duty-free shops, department stores, supermarkets and minimarkets, the...

Top 5 Luxury Cruises in Myanmar for Upscale Holidays

Myanmar is an ideal destination with many beautiful and wonderful attraction. One of them is some marvelous cruise ships for upscale holidays because of its convenient location. This country is bordered by five countries – Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh and India which is a...

Top 6 The Best Places for Trekking in Myanmar

Myanmar is known as an ideal destination for adventure travel, trekking and hiking with various landscapes and interesting ethnic encounters. Discovering that places, the travelers can experience a life time where ever they want to go in their trekking journey. It is believed...

The Best Time to Visit Myanmar

When it comes to Myanmar, the travelers cannot think about a tropical climate destination with distinct seasons as monsoon, dry and wet. Therefore, the tourists should research and find the most suitable time to visit this must see place. From March to May, this country is very...

Top 10 the Most Interesting Destinations in Myanmar

Learn about the most interesting and wonderful destinations in Myanmar. Myanmar is a golden land of breathtaking beauty and stunning charm that is steeped in amazing history and traditions. The architecture and structures in Myanmar impresses the travelers’ mind, those who has...

Top 5 The Most Beautiful Beaches in Myanmar

Myanmar is known as not only a paradise of gold pagodas, but also a city of beautiful sea sides that make the tourist enjoy relaxing and exciting moment and inspire them to prepare their baggage to start their journey to Myanmar. This country is rich in natural resources with...

Top 10 Best Things to See and Do in Inle Lake

Coming to Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon, etc., the travelers experience some special things on the roads as temples, museums, parks, street tea stalls and foods. These are really wonderful memories in their mind. However, discovering more and more about beautiful Myanmar, the tourists...

Top 10 Best Things to See and Do in Mandalay

When it comes to Myanmar, one of the special destinations people should visit is Mandalay, the second largest city and also the center of Burmese culture. There are so many options to come to Mandalay as boats, domestic flights, buses and so on. Mandalay is different from Bagan...


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