Are you finding a place to visit in Myanmar or any other country? Or you want to know more about this nation. In this post, we will tell the stories about Kalaw, one of the famous destinations here. 

Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is the first attraction you can explore; this is a place where many elephants have lived for many years. When you come to the camp, the staff will welcome you and briefly tell you about the rules to prepare for your visit. Tourists will stroll to elephant villages to experience the mahout's families. You are allowed to feed them and even bathe them if you wish. 

In addition, the tourists can visit local villages to explore the local's life and join in their daily activities. You may see some unique images such as long naked women or lotus weaving. Going further, travelers can discover Inle Lake with many special activities on the boat and Stilt House.

Cycling around Kalaw and seeing their life is also a kind of tour that you should consider. You can be closer to this place and its people. 

Trekking is a favorite activity in Kalaw, where you can go through mountains, lakes, and small villages. Katie shared her experience on a blog: "Walking through the quiet mountains, past small indigenous villages and surrounded by stunning scenery, I knew that I had made the right decision to do some Myanmar trekking." Travelers can choose one to three days with different routes; the most common path is from Kalaw to Inle Lake. 

Kalaw Fireworks Festival is the time for people to dance to the beat of traditional drums and play underneath the fireworks show. The participants will see a light sky filled with sparks all around. 

During the trip, do not forget to try local food and enter the market to complete the experience. The club may be an excellent place to spend your time in the evening. But if you are so tired, stay at your accommodation for good prepare for tomorrow's journey. 

Let's prepare and head to Kalaw with Myanmar Private Holidays!

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