A luxury holiday tour is one of the most exciting trips that you must discover in Myanmar. You can visit many attractions owing to the various forms of experiences. Let’s explore with us Myanmar Private Holidays and see what they are. The trip is undoubtedly a memorable trip that you will never regret.

Myanmar is considered the home of Buddha, with thousands of temples and pagodas where people visit and pray. Therefore, pay a visit here and immerse yourself in the sacred places before starting to discover another destination. Most pagodas are painted with golden color and stupa architecture, which are great for taking amazing photos. Some famous pagodas are located in Bagan, Yangon, and Mandalay.

Taking a cruise and traveling along the rivers can be a great option that offers you time to relax and feel the power of nature while lying on the deck and having a sip. On this journey, you will also get the opportunity to learn about authentic local life, culture, and rare traditional handicrafts when the cruise stops by some villages.

Afterwards, pay a visit to the market and buy souvenirs for family and friends. Morning market and night market are two recommendations.

You can take a trek to conquer the mountain if you are venturous. During the tour, take time to discover some waterfalls and swim under the fresh cool water or have a picnic there. Eating in nature with the sound of running down water and birds singing is one of the most incredible feelings for you.

Another experience is exploring some natural protection zones such as elephant conservation, rare bird, and monkey zones. In this place, you have an opportunity to bathe and feed the animals after instructions from the tour guide. Do not hesitate to chat with the people here if you have any questions. 

During the journey, you should try the local food in restaurants or on the street during the trip. Some famous dishes include Mohinga, Nan Gyi Thote, and Tea leaf salad (La Phat Thote). 

We hope you can decide the destinations to travel to and create the most memorable trip ever.

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