Yangon is a lively former capital city of Myanmar with vibrant and cultural beauty. Therefore, tourists will have a variety of choices to experience here. 

Visit pagodas

One of the must-see destinations is the pagodas with the specialty of yellow colour, Pyatthat multi-tiered roof, and hti. Shwedagon, the Botataung, and the Sule are believed to be built during the Buddhist’s lifetime, which means 2,500 years ago, and they are the oldest pagodas in Myanmar.

According to the legend, the Buddha gave two Burmese brothers eight of His hair and told them to enshrine relics on Singuttara Hill where Shwedagon is built. Next, Botataung attracts tourists through the architecture of hollow stupas, mosaic glass walls, old Buddha images, and gold ceilings. The name of these pagodas is from an event that happened 2,000 years ago, in which the first hair of Buddha was escorted by thousands of military from India to here. Therefore, Botataung is known as 1,000 military leaders. Sule pagoda is located in the centre of Yangon, and it is surrounded by markets, busy streets, and some high-rise buildings. The pagoda also enshrines a hair relic of the Buddha so it is respected, and many Burmese come here to make merit and pray offerings. 

Explore circular train

The tourists have a chance to experience authentic local life and admire the beauty of towns, and suburban areas (Little India and Chinatown) while sitting on the train. Then, take time to stroll around the city and try local coffee. During that time, the night market is also a good choice for you to buy gold jewellery, clothing, fruit, and books, or explore the beauty of the Burmese local market at night. 

Try the specialties

While you explore Yangon, food is an essential factor and cultural feature to discover. Tea leaves salad is a unique dish including the ingredients of tomatoes, cabbage, bean sprouts, and some spices. The Burmese often eat it as an appetizer. Bein Mont is made of coconut, and sticky rice and then fried until the eye-catching bright colour shows. For the traditional dessert, Mont Lone Yay Paw is a great choice for eaters, especially on the occasion of the Thingyan Festival. The cook uses glutinous rice flour covered with palm sugar and grated coconut.

Attending the cooking class

When the tourists register for the cooking lesson, you will learn how to cook traditional dishes with a professional chef from preparation to complement. Then try it on your own with tea or coffee for lunch. 

Hope you have a great time in Yangon with Myanmar Private Holidays. Additionally, Hpa An tours, Bagan tours, and Mandalay tours are excellent options to combine with Yangon tours if your time is available. 

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